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Sachin Patel's Branding Experience - Perfect Practice by Brand Better

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

"It was very rewarding to find someone who I could articulate my ideas to and see them come to fruition." - Sachin Patel

The Perfect Practice Mentorship is your key to health, emotional, time, geographic & financial freedom.

We sat down with Sachin Patel, founder of Perfect Practice, to chat with us about the experience of working with Brand Better.

"It's great to work with a group of people that holds you accountable though the process. People who can listen carefully to what you have to offer, pay attention to your style, the messaging of your brand and then visually articulate that for you." - Sachin Patel

Down below you can see Sachin's full interview talking through the process of working with us, from the first moodboards to the final logo.

"I encourage all my mentorship clients to work with Brand Better because of their amazing work and Nicole's background in the wellness space." - Sachin Patel

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