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Kateri Gabriele's Branding Experience - Sim2grow by Brand Better

"We knew that we needed to have well designed and very focused message. We absolutely loved the logo and we knew that just elevated our whole brand itself, but then when we saw the logo embedded into the website, along with the images that were all in the color scheme, we were blow away. I highly recommend people to work with Brand Better." - Kateri Gabriele.

Sim2grow's vision is to bring together innovation in simulation best practices and technology for undergraduate nursing programs.

We sat down with Kateri Gabriele, Nurse Educator and founder of Sim2grow, to chat with us about the experience of working with Brand Better.

"I appreciated their willingness to learn about our program to match our brand with who we are." - Kateri Gabriele.

Down below you can see Kateri's full interview talking through the process of working with us, from the first moodboards to the final logo and website.

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