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DeJarra Sims' Branding Experience - Superhero Skin+Care by Brand Better

"I felt I was a part of the Brand Better family. They really invested time in it, they wanted to see my brand come to life and they worked really hard as if it were their own brand." - Dr. Dj Sims

DeJarra Sims (Dr. Dj Sims) is a Naturopathic Doctor and her company is Superhero Skin+Care, which is all about not letting your skin hide the bold, powerful woman that you are. Let Dr. DJ guide you to bring out the superhero in you - where your inner healing powers can shine through and bring your skin to its natural vibrance.

We sat down with Dr. Dj Sims, to chat with us about the experience of working with Brand Better.

"Now I know what I need to say on social media, how to talk to my target audience, what colors to use. I have an entire strategy guide that Brand Better created that is my holy grail." - Dr. Dj Sims

Down below you can see Dr. Dj Sims' full interview talking through the process of working with us, from the first moodboards to the final logo.

"They (Brand Better) asked me about my vision, my purpose, my goals, about myself to get to know me. They take all this information and come up with something that encompasses all of it. I would definitely tell everyone I know to work with Brand Better. It's affordable, it's worth it." - Dr. Dj Sims

Check out the website we designed for her as well!

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