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Dipa Chauhan's Branding Experience - Living Proof Institute by Brand Better

"The team is super easy to work with. Their delivery times are excellent. You get a complete asset base for your business." - Dipa Chauhan

The Living Proof Institute was born out of a commitment to empower you with the ability to create abundant health from the comfort of your home. We believe that the “Doctor of the Future is YOU” and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help you create lifelong vitality

We sat down with Dipa Chauhan, co-owner of the Living Proof Institute, to chat with us about the experience of working with Brand Better.

"I would certainly recommend Brand Better for any entrepreneur who has an online presence. Anyone can use Brand Better to up-level the look and feel of their company." - Dipa Chauhan

Down below you can see Dipa's full interview talking through the process of working with us, from the first moodboards to the final logo.

"Now that we have some clean and beautiful-looking Instagram templates, I feel more confident to post in there. We had a sales page for our program and I didn't feel comfortable driving traffic to it, so now it has been rebranded and I feel more confident sharing our resources." - Dipa Chauhan

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