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A logo won't solve your problems

I see a lot of people getting cheap logos from Fiverr, 99 design or Canva and, while there's nothing wrong with it in terms of aesthetic, a lot of times they aren't made with a strategy in mind.

Today I'm going to share a dirty little secret on why your new logo won't solve all your branding problems.

Here are my 3 reasons why this happens:

1. It's not made with a strategy in mind.

It has to have a clear message and speak to your client about your values and passion as a business.

Here at Brand Better we start every single project with strategy in mind. Starting with our questionnaire and, depending on the package you choose, we spend between 2 to 3 weeks working on branding strategy before we even more on to the creative visual side of things.

2. It's not client centric.

A shape that you think is cool or just your name in a nice font doesn't mean it represents your brand. When you pick something at random you run the risk of having a logo doesn't speak to your ideal client.

3. Here's the catch. A logo by itself is not enough.

You need your whole branding to communicate a strong differentiator in who you are and prove an awesome client experience. (What is branding anyway? Watch this video to learn more about that.)

Still not convinced? Learn more about each one by watching the video and don't forget to subscribe for more!

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