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Liana Rodriguez's Branding Experience - Rejuvenist Health by Brand Better

"Brand Better is definitely for you if you want an expert working on your branding for you." - Dr. Liana Rodriguez.

Rejuvenist Health is a health coaching company. The goal is to teach women how to create & maintain health without pharmaceuticals, learn how to lose weight, and maintain it.

We sat down with Dr. Liana Rodriguez, physician and CEO of Rejuvenist Health, to chat with us about the experience of working with Brand Better.

"This is for people who have been DIYing their branding for years and want to elevate it to the next level." - Dr. Liana Rodriguez

Down below you can see Liana's full interview talking through the process of working with us, from the first moodboards to the final logo.

"I came to tears when I saw the logo because I knew they really understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to go." - Dr. Liana Rodriguez

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