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How to Profit & Keep Patient Retention Using Videos (Even If You're Camera Shy)

In this week's episode of The Spirited Entrepreneur Podcast, I'm chatting with my good friend Judy Seeger about how to use video (AKA YouTube!) to grow your virtual wellness practice.

Video is my go-to content creation mode — I love that I can batch create a few videos at a time and send them over to my amazing video editor Flor Tedesco and BAM we have content for the entire month.

I also love that video allows me to teach a few important concepts in a 5-10 minute chunk. (I personally find this soooo much easier than writing a blog post — and I'm all about that low-resistance lifestyle)

Tune in to this episode and learn what Judy recommends to get started with video today!

You can listen to the whole podcast here or watch it on YouTube.


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