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How to make your brand POP in 2021?

What is the BrandPOP Process? I’m going to give you a behind the scene peek at the process we use to work with our branding clients. Following these steps is the clearest, quickest way that we’ve found to guide our clients to brand clarity & confidence.

This is step 4 on how to make your brand POP in 2021 🎉 :

1. Take the BrandPOP type assessment quiz

I may be a little bias because I'm the creator, but it does a really good job at gathering data to then build marketing campaigns, messaging platforms, logos, etc.

With this quiz you'll find your core type (the main way that you relate to clients, your biggest strength) and your influencer type (what adds that dynamic differentiator to others in your business).

2. Reflection, research and results

Find what problem you solve for your clients and who are the clients you love working with. Look through the peers of your industry, get a good sense of the trends and differentiate yourself. Lastly, set clear goals and steps to get to your results.

3. Develop an authentic brand voice and brand position

This is a whole topic on it's own, but if you take the quiz, you'll find the "Brand-POP manifesto exercise" that will help you develop your brand statement.

4. Niche-magnet visual branding

What does that entitle? Everything VISUAL for your brand. Logos, fonts, color palettes, patterns, you name it.

You want to make sure that it expresses your personal style, that it has unique view point, and that it does harken back to your brand purpose. It has to be consistent and have great messaging throughout. This is the last piece of the puzzle that we do for our clients.

👉 For a deeper explanation on each point, watch my YouTube video on how to make your brand POP!

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