3 Reasons Why Every Wellness Business Owner Needs to Host Their Own Branded Podcast

Podcast Episode: 3 reasons why every wellness business owner needs to host their own branded podcast

So, I think it’s time for a mindset shift guys.

Today I want to reframing “podcasting,” so that you can start thinking about podcasting as an authority-building content engine for your business … rather than just a pointless time-suck.

In today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing why I think every wellness business owner needs to start their own branded podcast.

And it has to do with this: a steady stream of qualified, excited leads on-demand.

The one thing I want you to do is when you think about starting a podcast ( or if you already have a podcast) is to think about it not just as a marketing piece to your business, but as a wing of the business itself: something that's poised to bring you in cash.

This will make you excited about your podcast.

It'll make you really see how it fits into the ecosystem of everything that you offer.

It can even be a flagship marketing generator for you.

And if it's done well, it can be lucrative for your business – not just because it brings in clients – but because you can focus on the podcast bringing in cold hard moolah for your biz.

You can have affiliate opportunities. You can have sponsorship opportunities. You can sell your online programs. You can sell your group programs. You can sell your low-ticket lead magnets. You can develop relationships that will turn into future opportunities and connections.

Got your interest piqued yet?! Listen to learn my top 3 reasons why I think you should get started in podcasting, like, yesterday :)

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