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Branding Tips to Signal You're "Expensive But Worth It"

Podcast Episode: Branding Tips to Signal You're "Expensive But Worth It"

I feel like the holy grail of selling high-ticket services (including health coaching and wellness packages) is when clients feel like you’re “expensive but worth it.”

It reminds me of a time in my life when I got semi-obsessed with building the perfect wardrobe.

I remember at the time reading Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred, a book about all of the fashion pieces that every “stylish woman” must own.

Cue the hunt for the perfect essentials for my closet … which spiraled me into an intense internal convo around price-per-wear and investing in quality pieces that would last for a long time.

As high-ticket service providers, coaches, etc. it’s our responsibility to be able to communicate the value and transformation that comes from our prices, just like the best luxury brands do.

These days you won’t necessarily find me draped in designer, but I do try to make sure that I’m making a wise “investment” with the things that I fill my closet with.

In this week’s Wealthy Wellness Biz Podcast, I’m sharing my best branding tips to signal to potential clients that you’re “expensive but worth it,” so that you can close those high-ticket deals with your new clients feeling like they’ve made a great choice!

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