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Nicole Harlow Brand

Our brands are cookie-cutter free & chock-full of personality. 

At Brand Better® we are an award-winning full-service branding & marketing agency, known for taking wellness brands from cookie-cutter and basic - to polished, professional and personality-driven. 

Trusted by our health entrepreneur clients

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At Brand Better® we help wellness entrepreneurs launch and redefine wealthy wellness brands that magnetize motivated clients, media attention and build a dynamic legacy.  

You’re the face of your health-based business and it’s powered by your expertise, know-how and relationships.  


So how do you make sure that when a client is looking for the help that you offer, the decision to work with you over the competition is a no-brainer, no matter what the price-point


The simple answer is brand message clarity and alignment, but it’s not as simple as it looks because what we’ve learned after years in the branding biz is that branding means a lil’ something different to everyone. 


So it’s probably easier to start with what branding is not.


It’s not  just a logoo 

It’s not just  pretty pictures 

It’s not just a  color palette 

It’s not just a  cool font 

It’s not just a  beautiful website

At its core, powerful branding is about where your one-of-a-kind personality, messaging, vision and expertise meets your client’s perception of who you are. 


It’s like what mogul-extraordinaire Jeff Bezos says, “branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”


Here’s another way of saying it:

Great branding is where your business meets your clients exactly when and where they need you the most.

It’s where your story, your unique style and your strategy powerfully come together to create something that’s deliciously, delightfully and distinctly YOU.

Wellness Brand Design, Strategy & Logos

Health-Focused Copywriting & Messaging 

Website Design for Up-Leveled Patient Acquisition 

Wellness Expert & Influencer Brand Positioning


Podcast Production  

Marketing & Sales Funnels, Quizzes, Summits, Online Programs & More!

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"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business"

Steve Forbes

Superhero Skincare with Dr. DJ 

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"I felt I was a part of the Brand Better family. They really invested time in it, they wanted to see my brand come to life and they worked really hard as if it were their own."

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Perfect Practice with Sachin Patel

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"We've actually more than doubled our income and we have an amazing growth path ahead. Its allowed us with confidence to double down on our marketing efforts."

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Rejuvenist Health with Liana Rodriguez

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"Working with Brand Better is definitely for you if you want an expert working on your branding for you. They are the experts and you don't even have to fully know what you want, they will be able to pull it out of you. It's almost like this sorcery that happens, that they just pull out exactly what your vision is!"

more client love! 

step 1

OK. Real talk time.

Are you:

Still working through those million “ideal client avatar” exercises you know you need to complete?

Still avoiding the “what do you do” question because honestly, you really don’t know how to explain what it is you do in a way that makes it crystal clear and compelling?

Still waiting to launch your next-big-thing because your branding / logo / social media / website isn’t quite right?

You’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what WE do. 

There’s a reason our clients call us “miracle-workers” and “magic makers” for our ability to capture ideas and turn them into a reality.


Talk to us to see how we can help you bring your idea to life.

Wellness Brand Design & Logos

Health-Focused Copywriting & Messaging 

Website Design for Up-Leveled Patient Acquisition 

Wellness Expert & Influencer Brand Positioning 

Podcast Production 

Marketing & Sales Funnels, Quizzes, Summits, Online Programs & More!

Work With Us 

Brand and Marketing Strategy

We don't do cookie-cutter.


We believe each business is unique, so we offer this choose-your-own adventure interactive guide to our services. This guide will help you understand what you need and after our discovery call, we'll put them together for you in a custom proposal

You need a strategy map, clear goals and a trusted strategist to uncover what truly makes your brand stand out

Are you able to clearly communicate who your ideal client avatar is, which niche you serve and what makes your business unique?

 The Look
& Feel

Do you have a professionally-created logo and brand identity package? This includes your logo in multiple formats (horizontal, vertically stacked, icon-only, wordmark-only, both print and web sized formats) with cohesive corresponding social media templates.

Logo & Visual Identity

Your brand needs to look professional & sophisticated to attracted an up-leveled clientele & position you as a trusted expert
Digital Platform
& Marketing Assets

stage 2

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 The Look
& Feel

Copywriting & Messaging

Do you have website copy (words) that has been written by a professional copywriter? Your messaging needs to speak directly to your avatar and position your business as the leader in your field.

stage 3

Your words need to connect, build trust, authority and expertise. Nail this and selling becomes so much easier.

stage 1

Website & Online Store

Do you have a modern website designed by a team of professionals, complete with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, search engine optimized and with a mobile-friendly design?

Image by Pickawood
Digital Platform
& Marketing Assets

stage 4

Your online "home" is the place where you build relationships, sell your services and grow your business

The Lead Magnet Funnel

Fill your email list with qualified leads using an automated lead magnet funnel

Do you have a lead magnet funnel that delivers a free professional / branded lead magnet (PDF) that helps your clients solve a problem? This lead magnet funnel should automatically add leads to your email list and send an email nurture sequence to new leads to build a relationship with them.

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 The Look
& Feel

stage 5

The Signature Online Program

Do you have a passive income revenue stream in place via a signature online DIY or group program? Your program should have professional branding, an intuitive membership site and branded module materials (PDF, slides, emails sequences)

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Digital Platform
& Marketing Assets

stage 6

Serve more clients & get out of the 1-t0-1 model with a passive income, flagship program

Podcast Production

Do you have a podcast or YouTube channel in place that regularly brings in new leads and clients, establishes authority and develops a deeper relationship with your community

Establish Relationships and Expert Authority with a Podcast
Image by Soundtrap
Digital Platform
& Marketing Assets

stage 8

The Sales Funnel

Power your sales process and sell while you sleep with a sales funnel

Do you have an automated sales funnel in place to sell your service(s) or online program? There are several different ways to deploy a sales funnel - we offer a traditional sales funnel and webinar sales funnel.

Image by Hal Gatewood
 The Look
& Feel

stage 7

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About Nicole & The Brand Better® Team 

Nicole Harlow is a brand strategist, podcast producer and CEO of Brand Better®, the award-winning Branding & Marketing Agency. 


With the Brand Better® team she helps wellness entrepreneurs launch and redefine wealthy wellness brands that magnetize motivated clients, media attention and build a dynamic legacy.  


In her 13+ years of entrepreneurial experience Nicole has also built her own successful wellness businesses in the women's health, health coaching, online education & yoga space. 


She's an international bestselling author of BrandPOP and Chakra Detox, host iTunes top-50 self-help podcast Wealthy Wellness Business, online summit organizer for Green Makeup Bag and Profitable Virtual Wellness Business and has had her work featured in NBC, Market Watch, CBS, FOX, USA Today, and MindBodyGreen.  


She’s a featured speaker at Perfect Practice Live, Impact Lives, Planathon and Done in a Day conferences for functional medicine practitioners and clinician entrepreneurs. 


In 2021, Brand Better® won a Gold MarCom award for our logo & package design with our client Superhero Skincare.

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You're in business to help people.

So, let’s turn your big vision into unshakeable brand confidence!

Have you ever felt that feeling where a new haircut, a trip abroad or connection with an awesome human has you saying to yourself, “I don’t know what it is, but I somehow feel more ME” …?

Branding is kind of like that.

It’s the art and science of getting to core of who you are as a business (or dare I say it, as a brand!) and finding the best, most compelling, impactful way of communicating that with the world using pixels and prose. 


We’re ready to bring that vision to life with you!

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