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Rejuvenist Health


meet Rejuvenist Health

Rejuvenist Health is a health coaching company.

The goal is to teach women how to create & maintain health without pharmaceuticals, learn how to lose weight, and maintain it.

This is so they can feel empowered to manage their health issues as they move through the seasons of their life, without feeling disconnected from their body or their soul.

What attributes and/or emotions do you want associated with your brand?

I want people to feel like they are buying a luxury item. The difference between buying a designer purse at TJ Maxx versus going into the Louis Vuitton store. 

If my brand had a smell, what would it smell like?

Versace Bright Crystal when using Perfume.  Eucalyptus when using Essential Oils.

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"a sense of ooh la la "
"New York city feeling"

brand style


Liana's branding experience

There’s a reason our clients call us “miracle-workers” and “magic makers” for our ability to capture ideas and turn them into a reality.

Download our Work With Us Guide to see how we can help you bring your idea to life.

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