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Questions to Ask to Clarify Your Message

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Podcast Episode: Questions to Ask to Clarify Your Message

When your brand messaging is on-point, it flies straight like an arrow and hits your ideal client in a way that inspires (and hopefully inspires them to action.)

Marketing success can be boiled down to a pretty simple equation.

Educate your audience on the transformation you provide >> client lines up with wanting that transformation >> you apply your system and help them achieve said transformation >> everybody wins.

You can see in this equation how important it is to have clear messaging so things don’t get muddled.

But sometimes (well, a lot of times if we’re honest …) it doesn’t always feel easy to explain our own message, let alone explain it to others what it is that we DO.

In this week’s episode of the Wealthy Wellness Podcast, I’m going to share a few great questions to ask yourself when your message is feeling a bit muddled.

Because the clearer your message can be, the straighter that arrow will fly!

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