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10 Ways to Get Known as THE Expert in Your Niche

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Podcast Episode: 10 Ways to Get Known as THE Expert in Your Niche

So you’ve done all of your clinical training, started working with clients and feel proud of the work that you do … only to bring your business online and feel like a teeny, tiny little fish in a really, really big pond.

I’m sure you’ve seen the faces in your industry that have become well-known experts … maybe even household names.

The ones with NYT bestselling books

Waiting lists for their 1:1 services

High-profile affiliate and sponsorship relationships

TV appearances

The EXPERTS in your niche.

So how does one go about becoming one of those experts … because it’s not just luck and it’s also not a position that necessarily goes to the smartest or the one with the most degrees.

Tune in to this week’s Wealthy Wellness Biz Podcast where I’ll be sharing 10 ways to get known as THE expert in your niche. You might be surprised at just how simple some of these are.

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