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Confidence to Be Seen as the Face of Your Wellness Business 

🥳 Introverts Unite! Stop avoiding "being seen" in your wellness business and learn how to step into the role of "face of your business" with confidence.

For only $7, you'll learn:

1 A blueprint to build your confidence and competence as the face of your wellness business

 The system I use myself and with my clients that makes showing up easy, simple and enjoyable (hint: it's through starting your own podcast, but more on that later 😉 ...)

When you finish learning with me, you'll feel confident:​​​​​​​

  • That not only is the "science of confidence" easy to hack, I'll show you exactly how to build your confidence muscles daily ​​​​​​​

  • That it's possible to create an easily repeatable system that puts you consistently in front of your audience, but isn't taxing for your nervous system​​​​​​​

  • That showing up authentically as the "face of your business" is not only possible for you (even as an introvert), but can actually be enjoyable and fun!

At the End of the Workshop, I'll also share a special invitation to my signature Profitable Wellness Podcast Program

meet your host

Nicole Harlow is a brand strategist, podcast producer and CEO of Brand Better, the award-winning Branding & Marketing Agency. 


With the Brand Better team she helps wellness entrepreneurs launch and redefine wealthy wellness brands that magnetize motivated clients, media attention and build a dynamic legacy.  


In her 13+ years of entrepreneurial experience Nicole has also built her own successful wellness businesses in the women's health, health coaching, online education & yoga space. 


She's an international bestselling author of BrandPOP and Chakra Detox, host iTunes top-50 self-help podcast Wealthy Wellness Business, online summit organizer for Green Makeup Bag and Profitable Virtual Wellness Business and has had her work featured in NBC, Market Watch, CBS, FOX, USA Today, and MindBodyGreen.  


She’s a featured speaker at Perfect Practice Live, Impact Lives, Planathon and Done in a Day conferences for functional medicine practitioners and clinician entrepreneurs. 


In 2021, Brand Better won a Gold MarCom and Gold Indigo award for our logo & package design with our client Superhero Skincare.


At Brand Better™ we are an award-winning full-service branding & podcasting agency, known for taking brands from cookie-cutter and basic - to polished, professional and personality-driven.

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