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Add 6-Figures of Revenue this Year with a Wellness Podcast

In today’s episode, I want to share my 5 income stacks that can help you to add an extra 6-figures of revenue to your wellness business this year. HINT: if you haven't started your podcast, yet ... right now is the perfect time to start.

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Add 6-Figures of Revenue this Year with a Wellness Podcast


Grab the visual episode guide.

I love a good visual guide!  Learn how to add 6-figures of revenue to your wellness biz this year with a podcast.  Plug in your name and email addy for instant access. 

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Episode shownotes.

Hi and welcome to Wealthy Wellness Biz - I’m your podcast host Nicole Harlow – CEO of Brand Better®, brand strategist and podcast producer for wellness businesses.


This is the place to be if you’re a wellness entrepreneur, health coach, functional medicine practitioner or naturopathic doc looking to turn your wellness biz into a WEALTHY wellness biz.


Today’s episode is about podcasting and if you’re interested in digging deeper into how a podcast can help bring you wellness clients on-demand -- join our latest free masterclass here.


SO, here’s a fact: For 2023, I'm encouraging (ok, low-key begging) all of my wellness brand strategy clients that want to scale to multiple 6-figures and beyond to start a branded podcast.

In the episode I'll go into why this is, but I also wanted to drop some stats here in the shownotes. 

Every year, media groups like Statistica, Triton Digital, and Edison Research run digital media surveys to measure trends, understand listener behavior, and track podcast growth worldwide.


These stats are for 2022. 

  • Over 60% of U.S. consumers listen to podcasts, and that number grows every year. 


  • 35-54 are monthly podcast listeners (the most popular age group for podcast consumption).


  • Each week, more Americans listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts.


  • 80% of listeners listen to all or most of every podcast episode they start.


That’s just listenership and demographics, but it gets even more compelling when you dive into the marketing and purchasing power side of podcasting. 


Podcasting is a highly effective marketing tool for wellness entrepreneurs looking to grow their reach.


Here’s how podcast stacks up as an advertising platform 


  • 60% of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad.

  • 72% of listeners who have listened to a podcast for four or more years have purchased a sponsored ad.

  • 69% of respondents say podcast ads increase their awareness of products, brands, and services.

  • 81% say they pay attention to podcast ads more than they do to radio, TV commercials, billboards, and even digital ads on social media.

  • Ad revenue from podcasting is projected to exceed $2 billion in 2023.


That's a lot of potential smart and savvy people with your voice in their airpods, listening to your message and learning with you. In this guide I'm going to share how to you too can win with podcasts!


The parasocial nature of podcasting helps to create stronger relationships with an audience than email newsletters, digital ads, or most other forms of marketing. By sharing industry insights and actionable tips with their listeners each and every week, entrepreneurs establish themselves as experts in their niche, leading to more brand awareness, more trust, and more sales.

Where to next? 


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Meet your host.

Nicole Harlow is a brand strategist, podcast producer and CEO of Brand Better®. She teaches entrepreneurs how to think beyond the logo to develop a deep and powerful brand message.  

With the Brand Better® podcasting team she helps entrepreneurs launch knockout podcasts that their customers fall in love with. 

In her 13+ years of entrepreneurial experience Nicole has built her own successful brands in the women's health, transformational coaching, online education & yoga space. 

She's a bestselling author, host iTunes top-50 self-help podcast The Spirited Entrepreneur, online summit organizer for Green Makeup Bag and Profitable Virtual Wellness Business and has had her work featured in USA Today,, theNEST, MindBodyGreen, AZ Central, Chron,com and Philadelphia Weekly. 

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