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Your one-stop shop for building a wellness brand. 

At Brand Better® we are an award-winning social media marketing & podcasting agency, known for transforming  wellness brands from cookie-cutter and basic - to polished, professional and personality-driven. 

Trusted by Our Clients

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Brand Strategy
Podcast Production
Social Media Marketing

At Brand Better® we help wellness entrepreneurs launch and redefine wealthy wellness brands that magnetize motivated clients, media attention and build a dynamic legacy.  

You’re the face of your business and it’s powered by your expertise, know-how and relationships.  


So how do you make sure that when a client is looking for exactly what you have to offer, the decision to work with you over the competition is a no-brainer, no matter what the price-point


The simple answer is brand clarity, but it’s not as simple as it looks because what we’ve learned after years in the branding biz is that branding means a lil’ something different to everyone. 


So it’s probably easier to start with what branding is not.


It’s not  just a logoo 

It’s not just  pretty pictures 

It’s not just a  color palette 

It’s not just a  cool font 

It’s not just a  beautiful website

At its core, powerful branding is about where your one-of-a-kind personality, messaging, vision and expertise meets your client’s perception of who you are. 


It’s like what mogul-extraordinaire Jeff Bezos says, “branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”


Here’s another way of saying it:

Great branding is where your business meets your clients exactly when and where they need you the most.

It’s where your story, your unique style and your strategy powerfully come together to create something that’s deliciously, delightfully and distinctly YOU.

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OK. Real talk time.

Are you:

Still working through those million “ideal client avatar” exercises you know you need to complete?

Still avoiding the “what do you do” question because honestly, you really don’t know how to explain what it is you do in a way that makes it crystal clear and compelling?

Still waiting to launch your next-big-thing because your branding / messaging / logo / social media / website isn’t quite right?

You’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what WE do. 

There’s a reason our clients call us “miracle-workers” and “magic makers” for our ability to capture ideas and turn them into a reality.


Hop on a call to see how we can help you bring your idea to life.


Superhero Skincare with Dr. DJ 

watch the video

"I felt I was a part of the Brand Better family. They really invested time in it, they wanted to see my brand come to life and they worked really hard as if it were their own."

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Rejuvenist Health with Liana Rodriguez

watch the video

"Working with Brand Better is definitely for you if you want an expert working on your branding for you. They are the experts and you don't even have to fully know what you want, they will be able to pull it out of you. It's almost like this sorcery that happens, that they just pull out exactly what your vision is!"

more client love! 
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What makes

your brand POP?


Uncover how your BrandPOP® Type can help you to communicate your brand identity with precision, power and style

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